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Israel 75 Live!
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Commemorate Israel’s historic seventy-fifth birthday with Israel 75 Live!


Israel 75 Live is a celebration of all things Israel that includes stand-up comedy, interactive workshops, cooking demonstrations, teen programs, and meaningful discussion about the biggest issues facing Israel today. 

We offer a special track for high school students, eager to learn a more complete Israel narrative before they head off to college. 

Email us to receive a complete Israel 75 Live Program Guide. Topics include:

Women's Rights

Women can fly F-16s, become high-tech CEOs, or serve as Prime Minister, but they can't get divorced. Who's leading the fight for change, and how?   

Arab Populations

Muslim, Christian, and Druze Arabs comprise more than 20 percent of Israel's population. In what ways do Arabs and Jews coexist, and what hope is there for the future?


Every June, Israel hosts the largest Pride parade in the Middle East. Yet same-sex couples who marry in Israel still aren't legally recognized.  Who's spearheading the work for equal rights? What obstacles remain?

Politics and Government

Israel recently held five elections in just over three years. How does the Israeli political system actually work? Or better yet, why doesn't it? 

Aliyah (Immigration)

Every year, thousands of people immigrate to Israel. Why do they come, what makes it difficult, and what differentiates those who stay from those who go back to their home countries? 

Visions For A Jewish State

Though we take it for granted, the Jewish nature of modern Israel wasn't inevitable. What were the five original visions for what a  future Jewish state might look like? 

The Arts

Israel gave the world Fauda and Gal Gadot, and has won multiple Eurovisions. How did it become a hot source for TV and film content, and what's unique about Israeli show business? 

The Israeli Character

The Zionist thinkers envisioned the need for a new type of Jew. What did they have in mind, and how did the sabra evolve to be so different from Jews in the Diaspora? 

Nature and the Outdoors

After finishing the army, young Israelis often hike the 600-mile Israel National Trail. Who built the trail, what's the most popular route, and who are the volunteer Trail Angels who house hikers along the way? 

Synagogue and State

Is Israel a Jewish state or a state for Jews? And why is it sometimes more difficult to be Jewish in Israel than in London or New York? 

The Israel Defense Forces

Israel's military is legendary. How does the army decide who serves where, how do teens prepare for spots in top units, and what's it like for openly gay soldiers who serve? 


Two thousand years ago, Hebrew was used primarily for Torah reading and prayer. How did it become the official language of Israel, complete with puns, aphorisms, and slang?

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